Urlacher Angus Ranch was established first in the 1990’s by Gregg and is now owned and operated by Gregg and Mary Urlacher and our three kids Stetson, Bailey, and Stockton near Regent, ND. I started selling Angus bulls in the 90’s by private treaty and have now grown to selling two year old Black Angus bulls and females. We have annual sales the third Friday in January and a Spring turnout sale the first Monday in June every year in Bowman, ND at Bowman Auction Market. Our breeding program focuses on maternal and growth traits, while keeping positive carcass performance. We select bulls in the top of the Angus breed and use an extensive AI program, to strengthen these traits in our cow herd. We also strive to choose herd sires that not only improve our genetics but hold up over time the same way we expect our bulls to. We strive for longevity and productivity in both females and bulls. Our ranch consists of pasture land and farming acres where we put up most of our own feed, such as wheat, barley, grain corn, silage corn, millet hay, alfalfa hay, sorghum/sudan grass and native grass hay. We have developed a ration that utilizes our own feed that in conjunction with J & R Feeds allows our bulls to develop at an optimal 3 pound gain per day. We believe that a slow steady gain allows the bulls to maintain their feet to allow for long term use. We hope you take the time to give us a call at (701) 824-4129 or (701) 290-4159 or stop on in to the Urlacher Angus Ranch.